Nutrition On Tap and Ninja Kombucha Brewing Co challenge you to become a Mindful Drinking Ninja in 2024 by taking part in Richmond’s first nonalcoholic (N/A) scavenger hunt. Our goal is to highlight the wide variety of N/A options available while supporting the local businesses that offer them and building community with other mindful drinking ninjas.

If you are sober or sober curious, this list is for you. Get out, hold a fun drink in your hand, have a good time, and reap the benefits of social connection without the physical and mental health risks associated with alcohol. You know yourself best. If a certain category of N/A beverage or a particular location might be triggering for you - skip it. Consider if alcohol-free options are best for you vs. nonalcoholic options, which can legally contain up to 0.5% ABV in the US.

If you have been told to avoid alcohol temporarily or long-term due to a medical condition or medication interaction, this list is for you.
If you want to support the people in your life who are looking for no/low alcohol experiences, this list is for you. Help normalize sobriety for the people you care about!

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional to determine which N/A options may be safe for you. Be aware of the low alcohol content of some N/A drinks (up to 0.5% ABV), the caffeine content of tea or coffee-based options, and any functional ingredients that have not been extensively researched.

If you are thinking about drinking less alcohol or open to being more mindful about your current alcohol intake, this list is for you. Discover N/A drinks that you actually enjoy! Notice when you choose them over alcoholic beverages and get curious why. Add alcohol free days, weeks, or months, and see how you feel. Alternate alcoholic beverages with nonalcoholic options or switch to nonalcoholic drinks once you’ve had “enough” alcoholic drinks, and see how you feel.   

To participate, simply download the editable checklist (below) to a note in your phone, use the custom Google Map to choose the location of your first mission, tag us on Instagram @nutrition.on.tap and @ninja_kombucha as you check things off the list, and use the hashtags #mindfulninja and #nascavengerhunt to share your N/A adventures with RVA

Complete these 24 missions in 2024 to become a Mindful Drinking Ninja!

      1. Order a flight of nonalcoholic kombucha at the Ninja Kombucha taproom
        Did you know Ninja Kombucha has a taproom? Stop by and grab a flight - choose from flavors like blackberry hibiscus, dry-hopped lemon ginger (award-winning!), cranberry lime ginger, blueberry lavender, and more. If you can’t make it to the taproom, they also offer delivery within a 25 mile radius - see their website for details.
2. Visit the Point 5 alcohol-free bottle shop
Stop by the Point 5 shop to check out their sophisticated nonalcoholic sips, buy an alcohol-free bottle of bubbly for a special occasion, or attend an upcoming event. 

3. Visit the Ceremony dry bottle shop  
Ceremony offers a large selection of N/A beer, wine, spirits, mixers, mocktails, bitters, and functional drinks. Ask them about adding bitters to elevate N/A wine! They have locations in the Fan and in Midlo (with more to come!) and offer local delivery and plastic-free shipping.

4. Make a nonalcoholic cocktail with Ninja Kombucha and alcohol-free spirits from Point 5 or Ceremony 
Find a recipe you want to try or ask for suggestions! Bonus points for listening to one of Ceremony’s curated playlists while you sip.

5. Try Benchtop RVA's HopCha sparkling hop tea
Made with carbonated water, gunpowder green tea, and cascade hops, HopCha is calorie-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, and refreshing!

6. Try Funktastic Meads' nonalcoholic mead
The nonalcoholic mead you didn’t know you need! Dude Where’s My Carbs? is made with lemon, wildflower honey, and organic cane sugar and tastes like a light, delicious, carbonated mead lemonade.

7. Try the Uncool line of nonalcoholic beers at Three Notch’d RVA
Stop by the Three Notch’d RVA taproom for a pour of Uncool, grab a six-pack to-go from the fridge, or order online! Choose from Citra Wheat, Hazy IPA, or Low-Calorie IPA and keep an eye out for more unique limited brews to be released online each month. It’s cool to be uncool.

8. Try The Veil Brewing Co's Ever Calm nonalcoholic gose
Ever Calm is a sour N/A beer with tasty vibes of pineapple and passion fruit. Stop by The Veil’s taproom for a pour or grab a 4-pack to-go.

9. Order something nonalcoholic at Steam Bell Beer Works
Steam Bell Beer Works carries Best Day Brewing N/A beers including West Coast IPA, Hazy IPA, and Kolsch. Bonus points if you play some games at Monkey Barrel Arcade while you sip! 

10. Order something nonalcoholic at Final Gravity Brewing Co
Final Gravity carries 10-20 N/A beers plus Ninja Kombucha. 

11. Order something nonalcoholic at Väsen Brewing Company
Väsen has Ninja Kombucha on draft, Recluse Chilled Coffee, Liquid Death, and a selection of N/A beer. 

12. Order something nonalcoholic at Starr Hill Richmond Beer Hall & Rooftop
Starr Hill carries Athletic Brewing Co N/A Beer (Free Wave Hazy IPA and Upside Dawn Golden Ale) as well as Ninja Kombucha and Snowing In Space Cold Brew Coffee. Bonus points for sipping it on the rooftop!

13. Order something nonalcoholic at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
Hardywood offers house-made ginger beer and ginger lemonade as well as an assortment of kombuchas. 

14. Order something nonalcoholic at Basic City Beer Co. Southside RVA
Ninja Kombucha is available here too!

15. Order something nonalcoholic at Ardent Craft Ales
Ardent offers a variety of N/A options in the taproom including Ninja Kombucha, Day Ripper N/A beer, Snowing in Space Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Hike Hopped Seltzer, and Liquid Death sparkling water.

Alcohol free! Gluten free! Calorie free! Find Hike hopped seltzers around town at Cobra Cabana, The Camel, Fuzzy Cactus, Stanley’s, Pizza Bones, Shield and Sheath, and more. Bonus points if you take one on a hike. Thrash responsibly. 

17. Try ENAY Day Ripper Pilsner or Sun Shifter West Coast IPA
Find them around town using the ENAY locator on their website, or order online. 1% of all Enay purchases are donated to support food and beverage industry professionals suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. Bonus points for sipping a Sun Shifter while watching a sunrise along the James River.

18. Use the BuzzCutt app
Download the BuzzCut app and use it to find a bar or restaurant near you with nonalcoholic options. 

19. Detox your social media feed 
Set your ad preferences to see less ads about alcohol. The Meta Accounts Center lets you manage your preferences across all Meta accounts, so you only have to change the settings once for Facebook and Instagram. 

On Facebook (mobile) go to Menu  >> Settings >> Meta Accounts Center >> Ad preferences >> Ad topics (see all) >> Search “alcohol” >> Choose Liquor, beer & wine >> See less. 

On Instagram (mobile) go to Menu >> Settings and privacy >> Meta Accounts Center >> Ad preferences >> Ad topics (see all) >> Search “alcohol” >> Choose Liquor, beer & wine >> See less. 

20. Join the RVA Non-Alcoholic Social Group on Facebook 
With 1K members and growing, this is the place to be if you’re looking to connect and socialize with other alcohol-free or sober-curious friends, or if you have a goal to reduce your alcohol consumption while maintaining an active social life.

21. Practice how you will respond when someones ask about your drinking choices  
You don’t owe anyone an explanation when it comes to your drinking choices. But if you’re open to sharing, you have some options.

Be curious - “I wonder if I’ll feel better, so I’m giving this a try and seeing how it goes.”

Be honest - “I have been thinking about my priorities in life and decided that this is more aligned with my goals.”

Be responsible - “I’m driving and want to get home safe”, or “I want to set a good example for my kids”, or “I have an early morning tomorrow.”

22. Bring your nonalcoholic drink of choice with you to a get-together with family or friends
Hopefully by now you’ve found something you enjoy! Stock up and bring some along with you so you’re always prepared. Bonus points if you can find a fancy glass to pour it in!

23. Plan a picnic in the park with your nonalcoholic drink of choice
When the weather is just right, grab some local goodies and pick a spot to enjoy a picnic - just  for you or maybe even with a group of like-minded friends you’ve found through this scavenger hunt!

24. Download Nutrition On Tap's free Here & Now Mindful Drinking Checklist (optional) 
Cheers to you and your mindful drinking journey! Our mindful drinking checklist may be a great place to start if you enjoy craft beer but are thinking about cutting back. At Nutrition On Tap we use our skillset as Registered Dietitians to help you craft the best balance for you while nourishing your whole self - mind, body, and soul. We use a risk vs. benefit approach paired with mindful & intuitive eating and drinking strategies to help folks confidently make food & drink choices that are informed and aligned with their self-identified goals.
Download an editable version of the official nonalcoholic scavenger hunt checklist here: Mindful Ninja Checklist_Editable.pdf Check things off right from the notes app on your phone as you complete each mission for that extra little dopamine boost.

View the Mindful Drinking Ninja Scavenger Hunt custom Google Map to easily find your first mission. 

Not local to Richmond, Virginia, and still want to participate? Come visit! Or, for a modified list, complete missions 7, 16, and 17 by ordering online (depending on your location), plus missions 18, 19, 20 (find an N/A group near you or start your own), 21, 22, 23, and 24. Bonus points for creating your own local N/A scavenger hunt to highlight the options where you live and giving us credit for the idea.

Let Ninja Kombucha Brewing Co and Nutrition On Tap know if you finish the scavenger hunt in 2024 - we might just have a little something for all the Mindful Ninjas in RVA!

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